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What is a play therapist?

A play therapist is someone who understands kids and whose job it is to help kids when things seem tough. Kids come to play therapy for lots of reasons, like if they are feeling worried about something, sad, mad or just feel a bit muddled up inside. The play therapist will have lots of things for you to play with like art and craft materials, sand and miniatures, puppets, games and lots more.

Why am I going to play therapy?

The play therapist was asked to see you by someone who wants the best for you and who cares for you very much. Children usually come to play therapy when there is something happening in their life or when they are struggling to manage feelings that may seem ‘big’ or overwhelming. Play therapy will help you to understand your feelings so much more. The play therapist will work with you to help you to feel better so you have more space in your head for the fun stuff and for doing all the things that you enjoy.

What happens in a session?

Each week you will meet your play therapist in the playroom on the same day and at the same time. You will decide what to do, some kids like to play with the sand and figures, others like to do art or write a story and some kids like to just talk. It’s a space that’s just about you, you get to decide how you want to spend the time and what you want to do. Sometimes, the play therapist might suggest some work for you both to do together. The play therapist will meet with your parents sometimes to talk about ways to help you best. The play therapist will always talk to you about this first.

How long do I go for?

this can really depend. Some kids come for 8-10 sessions, others come for a few months and some come for even longer. The play therapist will talk to you and your parents about this at the beginning and will check in regularly to see what works best for you.

Is it private?

What you do and say in the playroom is confidential between you and the play therapist. The play therapist will make a promise not to share what happened in the playroom with anyone else; the only exception being if the play therapist is worried about your safety. You however, may like to share what you did in the playroom and that’s okay – it’s not a secret.

But I’m too old to play?

Play therapy is for kids and teenagers. The play therapist will never make you play or do anything you don’t want to do; you are the most important person in the room!! You will be doing things each week that you are interested in. If you’re older you might like to just chat and that’s okay too; together you and your play therapist will figure out what works best for you.

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